What’s in the local area

This stunning area of outstanding natural beauty can be explored through 130 miles/200 km of coastal path circumnavigating the perimeter of Anglesey and Holy Island through farmland, coastal heath, sand dunes, salt marsh, foreshores, cliffs and woodland. The 125 miles of long, sandy stretches of exquisite beaches are there for perfect relaxation and lazy warm summer days or bracing, revitalising walks on blustery days.

Anglesey provides every opportunity to experience a diverse abundance of outdoor activities, rich historic heritage or indulgence of exceptional food and drink that the island offers. The wild mountain landscapes offer spectacular hiking, picnics beside contemplative mountain lakes, gushing waterfalls and babbling brooks.

There is something for everyone of all ages, all the year round and the cottages are an ideal base from which to explore, well situated within easy reach of this diverse, picturesque area. Fodol Cottages are situated a short 5 minute drive from the town of Menai Bridge which has a concentration of good restaurants and pubs to unwind and recount new, revitalising experiences at the end of an uplifting day.

A Sense of Place

Fodol is derived from the Welsh word Hafodol meaning “summer place” or “summer meadows” and Fodol Cottages are situated in green, natural open spaces edged with deciduous woodland.

Llandegfan translates to the Church of St. Tegfan with the first church built here before 450 AD, at the time the first Christian saints began preaching their faith to the Celts. St Tegfan’s church can be reached via the footpaths network from Fodol Cottages. The Llandegfan standing stone, not far away, is a tall and slender stone pillar standing high on a ridge and overlooking the valley and views of mythical Snowdonia.

The River Cadnant flows through Llandegfan from its source at Llanddona. Over the centuries it has been used for milling corn and weaving. This was the scene of the Battle of Cadnant Brook in c.560 AD, where Rhun Hir, King of Dyfed defeated Prince Elidyr Mwynfawr (the Wealthy) of Strathclyde slaying him on Cadnant Brook where he had arrived with his northern army to claim the throne for his wife, St Eurgain, the eldest legitimate half-sister of Rhun. The earliest water and windmills were probably built during the Roman occupation, and Llandegfan had both, to mill corn and to weave cloth.

Cadnant Mill can be reached via the footpath network from Fodol Cottages and its surrounds.

Llandegfan watermill c1908 courtesy of OldUKPhotos.com

Myths and Legends
An intricate watercolour map of the Mabinogion tales by Margaret Jones © Margaret Jones

Dinas Emrys, the hill fort in Snowdonia was the place where the Celtic God of Health and Healing, Llud Llaw Ereint (the Silver-Handed) buried two fighting dragons, according to the legend in Mabinogion.


Courtesy of Kisspng.com

Centuries later the High King Vortigern fled to Wales to escape the Saxons and chose this place to build a palace. Each day his men would start building, but the next morning the masonry had collapsed, and this went on for weeks until Vortigern was advised by his magicians to look for a boy who had no father. The boy was called Myrddin Emrys, Merlin in English, who told Vortigern of the two dragons fighting under a pool in the hill, and when the pool had been drained he explained how the White Dragon of the Saxons, although seemingly to be winning, would be defeated by the Red Dragon of the Britons. The Red Dragon later became the emblem of Wales.



From the peaceful seclusion of Fodol Cottages, wander out to visit the Neolithic tombs and Bronze Age round barrows, the Roman influenced villas, the scenes of Irish incursions to the Island, a Norman motte, the birthplace of the House of Tudor, the lunar landscape of the great copper mines at Parys Mountains, and the last great Edwardian Castle to be built at Beaumaris, amongst many of the sites. The Island is steeped in history with many ancient pilgrims’ footpaths and nature trails crossing the Island passing holy groves, wells and stones.

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